MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lindburgh's Baby
Mike Kent NFLD 1 Tape 10 Track 6
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / abduction

(speaks). picked that up I guess that's threw away?

Leach: (speaks) Okay

Male voice: (Sings)

Sad sadness today is ringing around
Our sweet voices clear,
For the pride and beauty of a household treasure,
Last night from his home did disappear,

A little child young Charles Lindburgh,
His fond parents' only pride and joy,
In a cot to sleep by the bedroom window,
To slumber quiet that darling boy.

The little tot twas his last slumber,
As he laughed and played in his little cot,
For some hidden foe on him were watching,
"You will come," they say "as it is your lot.

"Your lot to leave your own dear loved ones,
Forever more from them to part,
It's your dear mother how she will miss you,
When grief and sorrow leans on her heart."

A ladder then they did get ready
And placed it where this treasure lay,
Right quickly then the steps they mounted,
And stole the sleeping boy away.

No sound was made to warn his parents,
From these kidnappers bold,
Twas their intention to seek large ransom,
But false they were the child did hold.

It's a cruel blow to your fond parents,
One you won't forget in many a day,
It's a sad parting you will remember,
For your childish treasure to go that way.

This sorrowful world dear Mrs. Lindburgh,
Is a place for grief torment and woe,
For one you'll cherish in early childhood,
It's remarkable they are sure to go.

When you'll fly high and your fame is spreading,
Around the world as you went before,
This one will think with a heart quite weary,
A playful youth she did adore.

The one to think will be his dear mother,
In grief and sorrow her child will see,
And say again when her mind is troubled,
"O baby dear come back to me.

Come back again oh he's with the angels,
The heaven his home the sky to fly,
To look down on you when you are sighing.
"Saying mother it's great so young to die."

For them that stole him the day is coming,
To appear before a stern judge on high,
To answer for this crime committed,
The truth he knows and will not lie.

On the judgement day that their infant baby.

Now good-bye from an unknown stranger,
Long may you be spirit to gain great fame,
Search foreign countries as you did quite often,
With cheerful heart in your great airplane.


Sources: Leach spells the name in this ballad "Lindbergh."

History: The abduction of the Lindburgh baby took place in 1932.

Text notes: The song describes the famous kidnapping.

Tune notes: Each pair of lines in this "abac b" melody is contoured in a broad arch. The metre is 4/4 and the scale pentatonic.

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