MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Darn the Man That I Can Get
Mike Kent NFLD 1 Tape 10 Track 1
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / comic

Leach: (speaks) Alright

With so very many men around I know it's hard for you,
To understand that any girl could be lonely sad and blue,
For the boys don't seem to notice me for my life I can't see why,
Darn the man that I can get no matter how I try.

The soldier in his uniform I simply do adore,
The sailors with the big, loose legs I believe I like them more,
The big ones and the small ones and the short ones and the tall,
And those with the Khaki shorts on I likes to kiss them all.

The men of the Merchant Navy.

I likes the men of the air force they give me such a thrill,
Whenever one of them pass me by I simply can't keep still.

(speaks): strange

. Navy the big ones and the small
Just walk right up and pass me by as if I wasn't there at all,
Not I'm not very hard to please or I am not a flirt,
The man that has me for his wife he'll get his money's worth.

I do not paint nor powder nor smoke the cigarettes,
A girl like me you must agree is very hard to get,
You would not think a girl like me for a man would have to beg,
For I don't wear ankle stockings or show my naked leg.

I wears my dress below my knees like my mother used to do,
And the strongest thing I've ever drank is a drop of homemade brew,
I don't like sport of any sort I like to be alone,
With a young man saying nice things to me and calling me his own.

I don't care whether he's short or thin.
short or thin or whether he's big or small big or small,
'Tis not his size that matters it's the man I want that's all

Now is there not some soldier or lonely volunteer,
From the U.S.A. or Canada , Bay Bulls or Carbonear ,
England or Bonavista, St. John's or Twillingate,
To have pity on a lonely girl before it is too late.

Whether he drives a tractor an airplane or a sub,
The very first man that comes along I'll take him for my hub,
For after all a man's a man wherever he may be,
I know that I would please him and I know he will please me.

Now I am not so very short or I'm not so very tall,
I'm only six feet four inches counting my shoes and all,
I'm not too lean or I'm not too fat I'm just the proper size,
For a soldier sailor airman or any of the boys.

I have a few cents in the bank and a home down by a beach,
And the very first night I'm married hub will have a bottle of screech,
He'll get his arms around my neck like my husband used to do,
For I have buried four more of them and I'm only sixty-two.


Sources: Mercer 112; Martin 1945: 17

History: Newfoundland author

Text notes: A 62-year old widow (four times) laments that she can't get a man. Any man will do, she argues.

Tune notes: A 6/8, major key melody, with phrase repetition pattern, abca

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