MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wrong
Performed by Lou O'Driscoll Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 1 Track 11
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Genre: Comic song  


Oh Mr. Wright at sixty-three was gay and full of fun
When a charmer lived across the street her name was Mrs. Wrong
She peeped beneath the window blinds with eyes so soft and bright
She was over head and heels in love along with gay old Wright

CHORUS: Oh Mr. Wright loved Mrs. Wrong
Poor Mr. Wright's love didn't last long
She was addicted to a temper so strong
Wrong married right and Wright married wrong

Now the wedding being over and the liquor round did spin
When Mr. Wright discovered that his wife was drinking gin
She smartly slapped him on the cheeks all on that wedding night
And very soon he did find out whether she was wrong or right

CHORUS: Oh Mr. Wright etc.

Now Mrs. Wright come home one night she was feeling tight
And whether she was wrong or right she meant to have a fight
The cups and plates she kicked about and the furniture she smashed
She jumped upon the poor old cat out of the house he dashed

She flew into the riverside with suicide intent
Just like a flash of lightening, Wright after her he went
Oh she jumped, he jumped after her, it was a shocking sight
And that was all was ever heard of either Wrong or Wright

CHORUS: Oh Mr. Wright etc.




Text notes: Comic song about a fun-loving man and his alcoholic wife. Obvious puns on "Wright." Mr. O'Driscoll seems to have inverted a pre-existing and possibly more standard version, wherein it is Mrs. Wright and Mr. Wrong.

Tune notes: The stanza - refrain structure of this song is characterised by a change of tempo in the refrain. In 4/4 metre and a major key, the stanza form is aba'c, while the refrain is defe' .


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