MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mo ChrÌdhe Trom 's Cha NeÒnach
(My Heart is Heavy, It's No Wonder)
Hector MacKinnon and Others CB 1 Tape 3 Track 5
Lake Ainslie Audio:
Love Song


Ho hi ri a bha ho
Ho hi ri a bha ho
Eireabh is na thog i o
Mo chrìdhe trom 's cha neònach.

Gur e mise th'air mo chràdh
M'aisnean air an cur an sàth
Anns a mhaduinn mar a b'àbhaist
Chan fhaigh mi tàmh le dòruinn.

Their iad gu bheil mi nas fheàrr
Gur e sin a ni mo chràdh
'S gann a bheir e mi 's am bàs
Is gann a dh'fhàg i beò mi.

'S dh' fhàg e "journey" leinn am piob
Ged a bha e 'cluich 's a leum
Ach 's e mhill a chuis gu leir
An déis a bha 'na bhrògan.

Ged nach fhaic sinn uile càch
Bha té dhiubh nach robh slàn
Té an uiridh chaill i nàir'
'S gum b'fheàrrd a sròn a sheòladh.

Nuair chì sibh mi tighinn 'sa rathad
Feuch gun cuir sibh clach 'sa chàrn
Cumaidh tèine cuimhn' gu bràth
Far an deach mo leònadh.


Ho hi ri a bha ho
Ho hi ri a bha ho
Eireabh Is na hog i o
My heart is heavy, it's no wonder.

It is I who am in pain
My ribs are stabbed
In the morning as usual
I cannot get peace in my anguish

They say that I am better
That is what makes me miserable
I hardly escape from death I only just live.

On the journey with the pipes
Though he was playing and jumping about
What spoiled things altogether
Was the squeak in his tacts.

Though we shall not see all the rest
There was one woman who was ailing
One who last year lost her shyness
Whose nose should be sent sailing.

When you see me coming
Be sure to put a stone on the cairn
A fire will always burn
As a reminder of where I was wounded.


This is another composition which uses the familiar chorus and tune of a well-known much older song. Leach notes in his field journal that this song was often performed at milling frolics.
Compare with the other version collected by Leach from an unidentified male singer.

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