MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
MacDonald's Return to Scotland
(The Pride of Glencoe)
Angus MacIsaac CB 1 Tape 1 Track 7
Giant's Lake Audio:
Love Song Laws N39

As I went a-walking one evening in May
Where Flora ....
I carelessly wandered where I did not know
By the banks of a fountain that lies in Glencoe.

I thought she was enchanting, to her I drew nigh
The red rose and lily on her cheeks seemed to bide
I asked her her name and how far she'd to go
She answered, "My kind sir I am bound for Glencoe."

I said. "My dear fair maid your enchanting smile
And comely sweet features my heart has beguiled
If your affection on me you'll bestow
You will bless the happy hour we met in Glencoe."

"Young man," she did answer, "Your suit I disdain
I once had a sweetheart Young MacDonald by name
He went to the wars about ten years ago
And a maid I'll remain till he returns to Glencoe."

"Perhaps your MacDonald regards not your name
But placed his affection upon some foreign dame
And may have forgotten for all that you know
The lovely young damsel he left in Glencoe."

"My Donald, by his promise can never depart
For love truth and honour are found in his heart
And if I never see him still single I'll go
And mourn for my Donald the pride of Glencoe."

"The power of the French is hard to pull down
The Scotsmen you hear of still die of their wounds
Wi' John Macdonald it may have been so
So the one you love dearly perhaps is laid low."

"MacDonald's true valour when tried in the field
Like his gallant ancestors died disdaining to yield
The Spaniards and French we will soon overthrow
And in splendour return to my arms in Glencoe."

So now finding her constant I pulled out a glove
When at parting she gave me as a token of love
She hung to my breast while tears down did flow
Saying, "You art MacDonald returned from Glencoe."

So Flora dear Flora your sorrows are o'er
While life does remain we'll never part more
Though the storm at a distance may roll
In love and contentment we'll reside in Glencoe.


This love song is similar in theme to the Lowland ballad, “The Bleacher Lassie of Kelvinhaugh”. It is listed as Laws N39.

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