MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Muile nam MÒr Bheann
(Mull of the High Mountains)
Angus MacIsaac CB 1 Tape 1 Track 6
Giant's Lake Audio:
Love Song


Seist :
Bhon tha mi gun sùnnd is dlùth dhomh mulad
Cha tog mi mo shùil ri sùgradh tuilleadh
Cha tèid mi le mùirn gu cuirt nan cruinneag
`S mo rùn am Muile anm mór bheann.

Am Muile nan craobh tha maighdean bhanail
Dh'an tug mi mo ghaol `s mi faoin am bharail
Mu chaidh i fo sgaol `s nach fhaod mi faighinn
Gun taobh mi calain gun chonnlan.

Tha màis' agus uaisle, suairce `s ceannas
A'dìreadh a suas an gruaidh mo leanann.
Ma thug thu dhomh fuath, `s nach buan do ghealladh
Ni'n uaigh is annart mo chòmhdach.

Do shlios mar na faolinn taobh na mara
Do ghrauidh mar na caorann sgaoilt' air meangan
Sùil gorm na glan aoidh fo chaoin rosg tana
`S tu 'n òigh a mhealladh gach òigear.

Do shùil mar an lion na mìle camag
Nach greannach bho chìr is sìod `ga cheangal
Do dheud mar na dithsean dìonach daingean
Beul binn gu gabhail nan òran.

`Se sgàr mi bho'm chom se meud do cheannach
`S on chaidh thu do'n t-sliob nach deuch leam fàraid
`S e d'eugmhais is d'aom a chuir tiar nam charail
`S a'bhinn a bhi agam air stòras.


Since I am without joy and sorrow is with me
I shall not expect mirth any more
I shall not go cheerfully to the court of the lassies
And my choice in Mull of the high mountains.

In Mull of the trees lives the comely maiden
To whom I gave my love, being weak in mind
If she has gone away and I cannot have her
I shall seek a girl without a mate.

There is beauty, gentleness, and superiority
A-rising in the face of my sweetheart
If you have shunned me, and your promise does not hold
The grave and shroud will cover me.

Your skin is like the seagull beside the sea
Your cheeks like the rowan spread on its branches
Blue eyes, serene, beneath smooth narrow eyebrows
You're the maid to deceive any man.

Your hair like a net in a thousand ringlets
That does not snag with the comb, and tied with silk
Your teeth like the ivories, close and even
A sweet mouth to sing songs.

What broke my heart, the amount (of sorrow equal to money) to buy you
That since you have gone I do not care to ask for you
Your loss and seduction have left me empty
And my fate will have to be my lot.


This continues to be a very popular song in Nova Scotia and Scotland and is often played at dances as a waltz. The composer, Duncan Livingston of Crogan on the island of Mull in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, tells of his sweetheart’s many fine qualities: “Your side is as the white sea-gull beside the sea; your cheek like the rowan spread out on branches,” and laments the fact that he cannot be with her in Mull.

The song appears in many printed sources.

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