MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

PaDDY Maher of Flatrock

It is quite probable that Paddy was a brother or cousin of James: there was a Patrick Maher aged 57 in Flatrock in 1950, which would have placed him in the same generation as the 60-66 year old James.

From Paddy, Leach collected three ghost stories ("Stolen Grave Goods," "Ghost Fishermen," and "Ghosts of Exhumed Bodies") and five songs: "Give Me Three Grains of Corn," "Banks of Panama," "Irish-Sailor Boy," "The Bonny Labouring Boy," and "Bank Fishermen."

Leach recorded at Paddy's house.



Although Leach's notebooks give the title of one of the songs collected from Paddy Maher as "The Bonny Laboring Boy," we have, in accordance with standard usage in the areas where Leach collected, spelt "Labouring" the Canadian way.