MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The O'Driscolls of Tors Cove


Alphonsus O'Driscoll was born in 1901. His wife Margaret's year of birth was 1904. They had two daughters: Marie, born in 1931, and Bernadette, born in 1944.

From Alphonse, Leach collected "Banks of Sweet Tralee" and "Molly Bawn."


Clare Dunphy (1899-1978) was married to Lawrence O'Driscoll (1895-1981). Leach collected her renditions of two famous Newfoundland songs, "The Ryans and the Pittmans," and "Kelligrews Soiree," as well as "The Hills of New Hampshire." She is also credited as the singer of "The Star of Logy Bay," but the voice is male, probably that of William O'Driscoll.

Lou and "Mrs. L"

Probably husband and wife.


William O'Driscoll is likely the brother of Lawrence O'Driscoll, husband of Leach informant Clare. William, Clare, Lawrence, and an Ester or Esther O'Driscoll (William's wife) are buried next to each other at Tors Cove cemetery and were all born at about the same time. William's headstone indicates that he was a private in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, which could make him James William (Reg. No. 996). WIlliam died in 1977 at the age of 86.

William gave Leach "Dying Cowboy" and is probably the singer of "The Star of Logy Bay," erroneously attributed to Clare.