MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Mr. Walsh of Calvert

Given the lack of a first name and age, there are several possibilities as per the 1921, 1935, and 1945 surveys.

The first possibility is Ambrose, born July 1892 and married to Mary A., who was born in December 1894. Their daughter Mary H. was born in August 1917. Other possibilities for the mysterious Mr. Walsh include Ambrose Walsh's sons Gerald, born in April 1919 and Francis, born April 1921.

Yet another possible Mr. Walsh is James, born in December of 1885 and married to Annie, who was born in February 1893. Their sons Robert, born in December 1917 and John, born in January 1919 are also possible candidates for Mr. Walsh.

William Walsh was born in February of 1890. His wife Lucy was born in September 1896. They celebrated the birth of their first child, daughter Margaret, in March 1918. Their son Raymond, born June 1919, is also a possible Mr. Walsh.

Michael Walsh is another candidate and was born in May 1888. His father died in 1921.

Jimmy Walsh, his son Alphonse, and grandson Neil were all informants for Gerald Pocius, and Jimmy might well have been the Mr. Walsh who was an informant of Leach's.

Kevin Walsh, in his 40s or 50s at the time of Leach's visit was also alive during Pocius's research.

Leo, the final possible Mr. Walsh, picked berries, made hay, cut wood and had sheep. He also served as an informant for Pocius.

Whoever "Mr. Walsh" was, he supplied Leach with the upbeat "Oddfellows Hall" and the untitled "As shot and shell were streaming."