MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Mary Whalen of Cape Broyle

Mary Whalen was a homemaker born in 1885 and was married to fisherman Edward born in 1883. They had four children: Mary, Mike, Ann, and Amelia (the first three of whom also recorded for Leach). The family name was sometimes spelled Whelan.

In addition to one song ("On the Banks of the Band"), Leach collected a variety of accordion tunes from Mary: "Banks of Newfoundland," "Coming Down to Jerry's with a Bucketful of Berries," "Newfoundland Hornpipe," "Boys from Dildo," "A Mother Wouldn't Beat Her Own Dear Child," "Patrick's Day," "I Got a New Dress," "Shemas O'Brien Got No Place to Go," and "Farewell to Australia." Her son, Mike, also recorded accordion tunes.