MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Maudie and Aidan Sullivan of Calvert

Born in 1908, Maud Sesk married Aidan Sullivan (whose first name was spelled "Eden" in the 1921 Census), and became the daughter-in-law of Patrick Sullivan. The Sullivans built their own home in 1945. Leach stayed with Aidan Sullivan when he visited Calvert in 1950.

Aidan died in 1980. Of Aidan, Gerald Pocius wrote:

Aidan is waked in his front room, a stream of neighbours, relatives, and friends wishing the family condolences, some whispering a prayer. But others repeat humorous anecdotes about Aidan: he would no doubt sit up in his coffin if his old nemesis, politician John Crosbie, came to pay his respects. (7)

Maude passed away the following year, in 1981.

Maudie provided Leach with a fragment of "Just a Song at Twilight," a version of "The Squid Jigging Ground," "Little Town in the Old County Down," and "The Badger Drive."

Leach collected "The Cow and the Piper" from someone idenitified as Mr. Sullivan. It is not the same voice as that belonging to either the singer identified as M. Sullivan, or Patrick Sullivan, but may be Aidan.

We would like to thank Doris Sullivan for some of the information given here.