MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Lubys of Tors Cove

Maggie Luby

Margaret Luby was born in St. John's in 1896 and married Thomas Luby (1894-1957), who was a descendant of one of the original settling families of Tors Cove. It is unclear if and how she is related to Margaret or Patsy Luby; it appears that Margaret and Thomas were childless. Leach collected the song "Geordie" (also referred to as "On the Banks of the Clyde") from her.

Margaret Luby

Leach's notebooks juxtapose the names Margaret and Patsy. It is unclear whether one child carried both names or whether he indicates two different children. The last name looks like it could be Luby. However, her/their mother's name is given on the next page as Mrs. Lythgo of St. John's. As this was the very first thing recorded, could it be that, before setting out for "real" collecting (i.e. in the outports), while still in town, Leach showed off his tape recorder to an inquisitive child or children? Then again, Maggie Luby was born in St. John's, and there was a Margaret Lythgoe born there that year: if this is the same person, it could be that she was a niece to Maggie Luby. From her voice, she is very young: less than ten years old, and possibly much younger than that. There is no Margaret Luby of that age on the Tors Cove census for 1945, so she could have been born after that. Either because of poor sound quality or for aesthetic reasons, there is nothing in the notebooks apart from "song" and recitation."

Leach collected one recitation (Christopher Robin) and one song ("There's a pretty robin in my cherry tree …") from her.