MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

John Power of Tors Cove

John Power possibly served as Leach's informant again in 1951, although it is unclear in the notes whether it was John Power or John Powers, both of whom were informants in 1950. We are uncertain which of the following individuals may be "the" John Power whom Leach recorded:

John Power was born in 1880. He was widowed with one son William, born in 1932.

John Power, born in 1910, married Philomena, who was born in 1920. They had a son Charles, born in 1943 and a daughter, Emily Rose, born in 1944.

John G. Power was born in 1928 to parents Gordon, born in 1901, and Mary E., born in 1904. His brothers were Alan and Patrick, born in 1929 and 1934 respectively. His sisters were Kathleen, born in 1930, Eileen, born in 1932, Hilda, born in 1937, and Rose, born in 1941.

John J. Power was born in 1919.

Whoever it was, Leach collected "The Little Apprentice" from a John Power in 1950.