MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Mrs. J. O'Driscoll of Tors Cove

There are two possible J. O'Driscolls.

The first is John J. O'Driscoll. He married Kathleen. Both were born in 1905. Their son Edmond was born in 1934, followed by daughter Mary in 1937, another son named William, born in 1940, and finally youngest son Dermont, born in 1941. William is also a possibility for the Leach informant Wm. O'Driscoll.

James W. O'Driscoll and his wife Esther were both born in 1890. They had three daughters: Mary, born in 1927, Teresa, born in 1929, and Hannah, born in 1936. Leach lists Mr. J. O'Driscoll's age as being sixty in 1950, so it is likely that this is the correct J. O'Driscoll.

Therefore, the Mrs. J. O'Driscoll who supplied Leach with "Jack and Joe," was probably Esther,