MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Singers

To fully understand the song, one must know of the one who sang it. MacEdward Leach recorded the following traditional singers during his trip to Cape Breton and Newfoundland:

Cape Breton Singers

Angus MacIsaac | Angus "The Ridge" MacDonald | Catherine Patterson and Lucy Byrne | Michael S. MacNeil | Hector Campbell | Margaret Gillis | Hector Carmichael | Dan Morrison | Kenny MacLeod | Alexander Kerr | Malcolm Angus MacLeod | Lauchie MacLellan | George MacAskill | John Campbell | Alex MacKinnon and Hector MacKinnon | Duncan MacClain (MacLean)
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Michael MacMullin of Sydney | Mrs MacCorich (MacQuarrie?) | John Beaton | Archie E. Gillis of Deepdale | Roderick MacLellan of Piper's Glen | John MacLeod of The North Shore| John Matheson, St.Ann's.



Newfoundland kitchen party in Cape Broyle. Photo by Carolyn Hawkins. Used by permission.

Newfoundland kitchen party in Cape Broyle. Photo by Carolyn Hawkins. Used by permission.


Pouch Cove

Jack Knight | Richard Moores | Alfred Moores | Jacob Noseworthy | Raymond Noseworthy | Edward Primroy


Charles Dawe | Bernard Houlihan | Jack Houlihan | Morris Houlihan | John Kehoe | James Maher | Paddy Maher | Catherine Powers | Mary Powers


M. Curran | Vincent Ledwell | Pat Murphy | Martin Reddigan | Joan Sullivan | Marie Sullivan | Maudie Sullivan | Pat Sullivan | Rob Sullivan | Jack Swain | Mr. Walsh

Tors Cove

Helen Dunphy | Mary Dunphy | Maggie Luby | Margaret (Patsy) Luby | Alphonse O'Driscoll | Clare O'Driscoll | Lou and Mrs. L. O'Driscoll | Mrs. J. O'Driscoll | Bride Power | John Power | Agnes Powers | John Thomas Powers | Mrs. John Powers | Winifred Powers

Cape Broyle

Gerald Aylward | Mike Carey | Bride Duggan | Mike Kent | Angus McDonald | Ned Martin | Jim O'Brien | Will O'Brien | Patrick Power | Mrs. Matilda Rice | Jim Rice | Ned Rice | Jim Rossiter | Monica Rossiter | Ann(ie) Whalen | Mary Whalen | May Whalen | Madonna Walsh | Mike Whelan

West Coast

Port Aux Basques: Lewis Savery | R. Sheaves
Cape Ray: Stanley Insha | Mrs. Peter Mushrow | Ernest Poole
Curling: Mrs. Stephen Rowsell
Port au Port: Alexander March | Theresa White
St. Georges: John A. McLellan


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