MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Dunphys of Tors Cove

Mary Dunphy

Born in 1906, Mary was married to William Dunphy, born in 1897. By 1945 they had eight children: two sons and six daughters. Among the children was Helen, from whom Leach also collected, and Francis. Both Francis and Mary shared songs again with Leach when he made a return trip in 1951.

From Mary, Leach collected four songs in 1950: "Waterloo," "Jealous Lover," "Jimmie Whelan," and "Maid of Glenshee".

Helen Dunphy

Born in 1937, she was the daughter of Mary Dunphy. In spite of Leach recording her age as ten at the time of his 1950 visit, Helen was actually thirteen. Leach collected "Marian Parker" from her.