MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lake Ainslie (MacLean photo 23)

Photo by Stacey MacLean.

Alex MacKinnon and Hector MacKinnon of Lake Ainslie

All that is known is that they were brothers and were very good storytellers and singers from the Lake Ainslie area of Cape Breton. A relative, J.D. MacKinnon, was recorded by John Lorne Campbell in 1937.

From Hector, Leach collected "Mo Chrìdhe Trom 's Cha Neònach (My Heart is Heavy and It's No Wonder)," while Alex gave him "Banais MhicPhàil (MacPhail's Wedding), "Tha Mulad, Tha Mulad 's Gu Bheil Duilchinn Orm (Sad, Sad and Grief Stricken am I)," "Psalm 23," "An Gille Donn (The Brown-haired Lad)," and "Òran nan Each (Song of the Horses)." Together, they also performed "Am Bràighe (The Braes)," "C'àit' an Diugh a Bheil Mo Dhìlsean? (Where Today are My Kinsmen?)," and "'S e Tinneas Thraogh Mo Shlàinte (The Illness Ruined My Health)."

Lake Ainslie, pictured above, is the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia.