MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Pouch Cove in winter: photo by Beverley Diamond.

Photo by Beverley Diamond: Pouch Cove in winter.

Pouch Cove

Pouch Cove is located just some 40 kilometres north of St. John's and has, for the most part, been a fishing and farming community. Pouch Cove does not appear in any written record before 1805. The Noseworthys were the first recorded settlers in 1805. We have not been able to discover an explanation for the community's name or for the pronunciation: "Pooch." Many of the families found in Pouch Cove today once lived elsewhere; many moved from the North Shore, from areas such as Adam's Cove. Many of these families first moved to Biscayan Cove, but later moved to Pouch Cove because of the good farming conditions and good fishing grounds. Some of the common family names in Pouch Cove include Baldwin, Bragg, Butt, Connors, Diamond, Evans, Hudson, Moulton, and Moores. The first school was built in Pouch Cove in 1837, and there was also a Roman Catholic Church built in 1843. By 1935, there were 1095 people living in Pouch Cove.

Leach collected from six people in Pouch Cove: Jack Knight, Richard Moores, Alfred Moores, Jacob Noseworthy, Raymond Noseworthy, and Eddy Primroy. Moores is sometimes spelled "Morse" in Leach's papers.

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