MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Port Aux Basques

Port aux Basques is located on the southwest tip of Newfoundland. The area was named for the Basque fishermen, who in the 1500s used the harbour as a base in which they could take refuge from North Atlantic storms. The area surrounding the present-day town of Port aux Basques was predominantly settled by French, English, and Channel Island immigrants, most of whom came with the intention of fishing the waters off southern and western Newfoundland.

Over the centuries, the growth of industry and transportation in the area began to affect the character of the town. Today, Port aux Basques is the main departure and entry point for travellers to and from Newfoundland by sea, via a ferry service which connects the island to North Sydney, Cape Breton .

Leach collected from R. Sheaves when he was in Port aux Basques towards the end of his trip.

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