Graduate Internship Pilot Program

Engineering Co-operative Education Office (ECEO) and Engineering Graduate Office (EGO) will be launching the Graduate Internship Pilot Program (GIP) for the Academic Year 2022-23. The intention of this pilot program is to provide graduate students in the participating professional programs an opportunity to gain valuable work experience through an optional full-time, paid internship of eight months with a single employer.

This Q&A is for the Graduate Internship Pilot Program (GIP).

1. Is this a co-op program?

  • Not to be confused with the mandatory co-op education program undertaken by undergraduate Engineering students at Memorial, this Graduate Internship Pilot Program (GIP) is optional and offers limited, competitive, and selective admissions to eligible graduate students who are nominated to it.

2. Which programs are participating in the GIP and who are eligible for it?

    • Master of Applied Science (MASc) in the following areas:
      1. Oil and Gas Engineering;
      2. Environmental Systems Engineering and Management;
      3. Safety and Risk Engineering Management;
      4. Energy Systems Engineering; and
      5. Computer Engineering.
    • Full-time students who i) started their degree in one of the programs above in Fall 22 and Winter 23, ii) have completed at least two program courses not including project course A by the end of Winter 23, and iii) remain registered till the end of Fall 24, are eligible.

    • Twenty eligible students (four from each participating program) will be nominated and invited for opt-in to the first cohort. They will have to submit the opt-in request form to proceed.

    3. When does this pilot program start and how long is it for?

    • It will begin in Spring 2023 semester to prepare students who have opted in for an eight-month full time internship that lasts through Winter 24 and Spring 24.

    • All details pertaining to this pilot program for any future cohort(s) are subject to review and change.

    4. Can you increase the number of students invited to opt-in to the first cohort to more than twenty?

    • This is a pilot program subject to review before we introduce it more widely.

    5. I am a thesis-based (MEng/PhD) Engineering student. Can I participate?

    • No. You are in a research-intensive program; you should focus on conducting and completing research funded by your supervisor(s).

    6. I am currently studying in a professional engineering program. Why is it not listed as one of the participating programs above?

    • This pilot program is not a faculty-wide program. Each program makes its own decision to offer what they deem the best program experience to its students. Only the five programs listed above are currently participating in this pilot program.

    7. I am a graduate student in one of the participating programs. Do I have to apply to be considered for the GIP? How can I express interest in it?

    • You do not have to apply or express interest. The EGO will invite top four eligible students from each participating programs for opt-in to the first cohort of GIP.

    8. What is the criteria used for a student to be nominated and invited for an opt-in to the GIP?

    • Academic performance. Four eligible students with the highest cumulative average by the end of Winter 23 semester will be invited by the EGO to opt-in to the GIP.  If there are two students with the same cumulative average, the student who completed more program courses will be selected between them.

    9. When can I expect to find out if I am invited to opt-in?

    • You will be notified by the EGO via email by the first two week of classes in Spring 23 semester at the latest. You do not have to send follow-up emails.

    10. I am invited to opt-in. What can I expect if I submit the opt-in request form?


    Main activities

    Spring 2023

    Pre-screening; professional development and other internship preparations; work permit application

    Fall 2023

    Job competition – interviews with employers

    Winter 2024 & Spring 2024

    Full time internship

    Fall 2024

    Last program course; program completion by the end of it 

    11. Am I guaranteed an internship if I am opting into the GIP?

    • You have to first pass the pre-screening set by the ECEO then secure an internship placement through the job competition hosted by the ECEO (with help and guidance from EGO and ECEO). Internship placement is not guaranteed as a significant part of the employer selection process depends on relevant experience and the quality of the application (including resume, cover letter and an interview).

    12. What if I am opting into the GIP but I do not pass the pre-screening or secure an internship placement?

    • You will continue with taking and completing your program courses related to your degree as normal.

    13. Will there be an additional fee to participate in the GIP?

    • Yes, students are expected to pay for the additional fee associated with participating in the GIP.

    14. How much would a student be paid for an internship?

    15. Will I receive credit hours for the internship?

    • No.

    16. I am invited to opt in but I have other questions to ask but these questions are not covered in this Q&A.

    • EGO and ECEO will meet with you and provide guidelines to help prepare you for the GIP.

    17. I have some questions and/or feedback. Who can I contact?