Grants Calendar 2022-2023

Faculty of Education Grants Calendar

Please note: 

Applications are due for unit review either 3 or 5 business days before MUN RIS review. All Partnership applications require 5 days review at the Faculty/Unit level and 5 days at MUN RIS. 

All requests for letters of support from the Dean or Associate Dean need to be sent at least 3 weeks in advance of the unit deadline. A copy of the application as well as the type of support required, should accompany the request. 

Faculty of Education unit deadline MUN RIS deadline Agency Deadline Grant Agency
Sept 13 at 9 am 15-Sep 15-Sep SSHRC Exchange – International Representation MUN
Sept 13 at 9 am 15-Sep 15-Sep SSHRC Exchange – Paper Presentation at Scholarly Conferences MUN
Sept 13 at 9 am 15-Sep 15-Sep SSHRC Explore MUN
Sept 1  8-Sep 15-Sep Partnership Engage Grants PEG SSHRC
28-Sep None 30-Sep R&D Grant Faculty of Education
27-Sep None 4-Oct Insight Grants IG SSHRC
Sept 28 at 9 am 4-Oct 4-Oct Salary based Research Grants Program MUN
27-Sep 3-Oct 6-Oct Gender-Based Violence Research Initiative SSHRC
Oct 13 at 9 am 15-Oct 15-Oct Conference Fund MUN
Oct 11 at 9 am 13-Oct 18-Oct NSERC Discovery Horizons (pilot) – full application NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR
Oct 18 25-Oct 31-Oct Partnership Grants Stage 2 SSHRC
Oct 25 at 9 am 27-Oct 1-Nov Connection Grant SSHRC
Oct 27 at 9 am 29-Oct 1-Nov Connection Grants — Joint Initiative for Digital Citizen Research – Special Call SSHRC
Nov 3 at 9 am 5-Nov   2021-2022 Northern Scientific Training Program MUN/ Polar Knowledge Canada
Nov 1 at 9 am Nov 7  15-Nov SSHRC Partnership Development Grant SSHRC
Dec 13 at 9 am 15-Dec 15-Dec R. Smallwood Foundation for Newfoundland & Labrador Studies MUN
Dec 5 at 9 am   15-Dec Partnership Engage Grants PEG SSHRC
Dec 12 at 9 am 15-Dec 20-Dec Special Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine) NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR
Jan 5 at 9 am None 7-Jan Harris Centre Thriving Regions Applied Research Fund – EOI MUN
Jan 13 at  9 am None 17-Jan 2022 ARC-NL Research Grants Competition- LOI MUN
Jan 26 at 9am None 28-Jan Humber Valley Thriving Regions Partnership Process MUN
Jan 31 at 9 am None 2-Feb Insight Development Grant IDG SSHRC
Feb 13 at 9 am 15-Feb 15-Feb Conference Fund MUN
24-Feb 28-Feb 28-Feb Artistic Creative Research Grant MUN
Feb 27 at 9 am None 1-Mar 2022 ARC-NL Research Grants Competition- Full Application MUN
March 13 at 9 am 15-Mar 15-Mar Publications Subvention Program MUN
March 3 at 9 am   15-Mar Partnership Engage Grants PEG SSHRC
April 27 at 9 am None 29-Apr UArctic Partnership – Research and Engagement Fund MUN
April 27 at 9 am None 29-Apr UArctic Partnership – Relationship Development Fund MUN
May 11 at 9 am 15-May 15-May Seed Fund, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Fund – of the SBM Funding Opportunity MUN
May 1 at 9 am  3-May May 3  Terra Nova Young Innovator Award MUN
 June 13 at 9 am 15-Jun 15-Jun Conference Fund MUN
 June 5    15-Jun Partnership Engage Grants PEG SSHRC
TBD     TBD Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement MUN
TBD     TBD Accelerator Grant MUN
      Harris Centre – MMSB Waste Management Applied Research Fund MUN