A Time! - Celebrating a Century

Celebration of Faculty of Education's 100 years

The Faculty of Education is celebrating 100 years of teacher education in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our story began with the founding of the Newfoundland Normal School (NNS) for teacher training, which officially opened in fall of 1921 with a class of twenty-two students led by Principal Solomon Whiteway. By 1924, the Normal School was relocated to a new building on Parade Street, where it was eventually joined in 1925 by Memorial University College (MUC). After over a decade of collaboration between the two institutions, in 1934 NNS became a fully integrated part of MUC.

For over 100 years our faculty and alumni have had a dynamic and significant impact on the social, cultural, political, economic, artistic, and educational fabric of our province. We hope you will join us in recognizing and celebrating this significant contribution.

Our celebration will be held at the Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, MUN campus on Friday evening, September 16 and the Emera Innovation Exchange, Signal Hill Campus, Saturday, September 17. We are envisioning no ordinary conference/symposium, but rather a gathering - a time to celebrate, reminisce, and reflect on our accomplishments and contemplate the future of teacher education and its role in the ongoing development of this Newfoundland and Labrador - in short, A Time! The event will include guest speakers and presenters as well as a variety of music, art, drama and storytelling representing the diversity of our educational community. It will conclude with a banquet on Saturday evening.

We wish to thank the following Memorial University partners for their support and assistance with our event:

Office of Public Engagement

Faculty of Education [EDGE Fund]

Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers's Association

Office of the Vice-President (Research) [Conference Fund]

Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)