COMP 4780: Honours Project

This course is required for computer science  MAJ   majors who have been accepted into the honours program.

Students normally register for this course during their last semester in the program.
Students must have secured a supervisor and chosen a thesis topic before they will be given permission to register for COMP4780.

Prerequisites: Admission to the honours program and permission of the Head of the Department. All required core courses must be completed.

Availability: This course is usually offered in Fall, Winter and Spring semesters, depending on supervisor availability.

Course Objectives

To introduce computer science honours students to research activities, to familiarize these students with a special problem in computer science and to provide independent study on an advanced topic under the direct supervision of a member of the computer science faculty.

Representative Workload
  • Students are expected to spend as much time on this course as is spent on any 4000-level computer science course. An honours student should meet regularly with his/her chosen supervisor to discuss the progress of the work and the future direction it should take.
  • The topic is decided in consultation with the supervisor. The student is required to produce a written report on the project, to include the literature search on the topic and to present this work at a departmental seminar prior to the last week of the semester. The final grade received will depend on the written report, the seminar presentation and the discussions held between the student and supervisor, with the weighting of each of these to be at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • No grade will be submitted for this course until all of the required work has been completed.
Representative Course Outline

Not applicable.

  • An honours degree offers the student greater specialization in a particular area of computer science and as such, requires higher than average academic achievement.
  • An honours degree is frequently a requirement for admission to an M.Sc. program.
  • Any student interested in enrolling in the honours program is advised to consult with the Academic Advisor, who can be reached at
  • For the degree Honours in Computer Science (Software Engineering), the honours project must be in the area of software engineering.
  •  ⚠ The Honours in Computer Science (Software Engineering) is not currently available.

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