Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Master of Science (Computer Science)

The Computer Science Department offers three regular Master’s program routes: Thesis route M.Sc., Course-based M.Sc. and Work term M.Sc., plus three special-fee programs offered jointly with other units: the Masters of Artificial Intelligence (MAI), Applied Science in Software Engineering (MAScSE) and Master of Data Science (MDSc).

The Thesis route is meant for students interested in working on a research project under the supervision of a thesis supervisor (a faculty member of the Department). The course-based route and the work term routes are both non-thesis routes. Non-thesis routes are open for self-funded applicants. The course-based Master’s program in Computer Science is the entry point for non-thesis Masters students.  Course-based students may apply for the work term route according to the deadline set each term by the Department of Computer Science. The work term route has a limited seat capacity and students must satisfy the admission criteria in order to participate.  Students in the course-based route can also switch to the specialty Masters in Artificial Intelligence (MAI), the Master of Applied Science in Software Engineering (MAScSE) and the Master of Data Science.