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Alex Stewart


Phone: 709.864.4707
Email: astewart13@mun.ca
Office: BN-4027
Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Small Business, Strategy

Personal Profile

Alex Stewart joined Memorial University in 2017 after 17 years at Marquette University, 10 years at Texas Tech University, and five years at Brock University. He holds a bachelor of arts and master of arts in social anthropology, a master of business administration and a PhD in political science, all from York University. His scholarship since has used anthropological methods and concepts for studying business. He hopes to use this approach to learning about and from the entrepreneurs in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dr. Stewart has been chair of the entrepreneurship division of the Academy of Management and program chair of the Organization Science Winter Conference and the Family Enterprise Research Conference. His work has been published in Academy of Management Perspectives, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management and Organization Science. He has also published two scholarly books: Team Entrepreneurship and The Ethnographer’s Method (both from Sage Publications). He co-edited and contributed to Entrepreneurship and Family Business (Emerald Publications).



  • Best Paper of the Year award, Family Business Review, for Stewart & Hitt


  • Reviewer Excellence Certificate, Family Business Review


  • Reviewer Excellence Certificate, Family Business Review


  • Distinguished Service Award, Family Enterprise Research Conference


  • Distinguished Service Award, Family Enterprise Research Conference


  • Best Reviewer of the Year Award, Organizational Research Methods
Research Highlights
  • Stewart, Alex. 2020. Family control, ambivalence, and preferential benefits. Journal of Family Business Strategy.
  • Stewart, Alex. 2018. Can family business loosen the grips of accounting, economics, and finance? Journal of Family Business Strategy, 9(3), 153-166.
  • Stewart, Alex, & Cotton, John L. 2018. Does “evaluating journal quality and the Association for Information Systems Senior Scholars Basket…” support the Basket with bibliometric measures? AIS Transactions on Replication Research, Vol. 4, Article 12, pp. 1-41.
  • Stewart, Alex, Cotton, John L., & Adya, Monica. 2017. Information systems: A house divided? Communications of the Association for Information Systems. Article 24, 544-586.
  • Stewart, A. and Aldrich, H.E. (2015). Collaboration between management and anthropology researchers: Obstacles and opportunities. Academy of Management Perspectives, 29(2), 173-192.
  • Stewart, A. (2014). Too rare to be a token: An anthropologist in a management department. Journal of Business Anthropology, 3(2), 140-158.
  • Stewart, A. and Hitt, M.A. (2012). Why can’t a family business be more like a non-family business? Modes of professionalization in family firms. Family Business Review, 25(1), 58-86.