Customer success

Learn how customer success managers drive customer satisfaction, retention and growth through personalized support and strategic partnerships. Explore the art of building strong customer relationships, mastering problem solving and delivering exceptional experiences.

Data science

Discover the dynamic world of data science, where we unravel the mysteries of big data, machine learning and analytics. Perfect for beginners, this session introduces the limitless possibilities of a career in data science as we explore how to gather and use data to achieve company goals. Join us to unleash the power of data and transform your perspective!

Marketing and technical sales

Unlock the power of marketing and technical sales! Join us to master the secrets of marketing products, and technical sales, while unleashing your creative potential. Discover the art of channelling creativity into dynamic career paths that drive lasting company success.

Product management

Discover the pivotal role of a product manager, the driving force behind successful products. Learn the art of market research, strategic planning and seamless execution to create products that captivate customers and fuel business growth.

Software development and coding

Whether you're a complete beginner or curious about programming, join us to explore the fundamentals of coding languages, unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of problem-solving wonders. This interactive session is designed to make coding accessible and fun, empowering you to dive into the world of technology with confidence and curiosity. Step into the digital realm and discover the art of coding!