Booze & Botany

Booze and Botany

 looking down on a glass containing a red cocktail with ice and and red and whit striped straw. green leaves are in the background

Have you ever thought about what goes into making your favourite libation? That wine is made from grapes is obvious, right? Of course, it can also be made from various berries. Gin needs juniper berries. Vodka comes from fermented grains or potatoes. And you can’t have cider without fruit, or beer without hops. Or can you? Join us at one or more of these fantastic Friday evening events and find out! Enjoy a fun tasting with a botanical bent, then join horticulturist Todd Boland for a stroll in the Garden.

Ticket price includes two drinks, appetizers, presentation, and tour.
This program will take place outside so please dress for the weather.

19+ event

Registration is required. Registration is limited to 20 per session.
June 23: Cocktails
July 21: Beer
August 11: Wine
September 8: Ciders and Radlers

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